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What is Therapeutic Touch?

Therapeutic Touch® is a non-intrusive therapy that may be used to compliment traditional medicine. It has been a successful part of patient care in many settings such as hospitals, rehab centres, hospices, palliative care, nursing and retirement homes for many years. Therapeutic Touch is used by health care professionals of many different disciplines such as registered nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, and counsellors. It is also used by chaplains and massage therapists.

It was originally taught to medical professionals, however everyone has the potential to learn the practice of Therapeutic Touch (TT). The only equipment you need is your hands and it can be performed anywhere with intention and compassion.

Therapeutic Touch is an energy based therapy in which the practitioner uses their hands as a focus to detect blockages in the flow of energy and helps the body to re-pattern its energy field toward wholeness using techniques taught in workshops, universities, colleges and nursing programs by Recognized Teachers.

TT is taught and practiced in many countries around the world using the basic principles established in the United States in 1972 by the founders Dolores Krieger, PhD, RN, and her colleague Dora Kunz, a pioneer in alternative healing.

Everyone has an energy field that flows down through and around the body to maintain health. With the presence of illness or disease in the body, the energy flow may become depleted or obstructed. The TT practitioner using a series of techniques helps the body to re-establish balance and harmony to the energy field. Intention is an important element throughout the whole process.

Extensive research has shown that the effects of this therapy may include an improved sense of well-being, calming of the mind, overall relaxation and changes in the perception of pain. Research has also shown that TT may stimulate the body’s own immune system. The relaxation response is important for the body to promote its own healing process.

During a Therapeutic Touch session, the client remains fully clothed and can sit or lie down – whichever is more comfortable for them. It is not necessary to touch the body as the practitioner will move their hands a few centimetres or inches from the body, and through the client’s energy field thus assessing for any imbalances. A TT session lasts from 5 to 20 minutes depending on the individual and/or situation. Getting permission is very important before the session begins.

Actual touching of the body is not necessary and done only with the permission of the client.

TT is also used in self-care and self-healing as the relaxation response reduces stress and anxiety thus supporting a centred calm state of well-being.

Therapeutic Touch® is a registered trademark in Canada

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Mission Statement

Therapeutic Touch Networks of Canada (TTNC) is the national voice for Therapeutic Touch®.  TTNC provides support for its Member Networks.  It also encourages the sharing of information so as to create a sense of unity and belonging across the country.

Our vision is that Therapeutic Touch will be the first choice for energy-based healing in Canada; teachers and practitioners will be easily accessible to all; and a harmonious Therapeutic Touch community will have a positive influence on the well-being of people across the country

Our values are consistent with those of Therapeutic Touch practice.  We conduct all our business with respect, compassion and integrity.  We encourage open communication, a sense of community and collaboration among Member Networks

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TTNC Core Values for Therapeutic Touch Networks of Canada (TTNC)

TTNC is the umbrella organization for the 5 Canadian Therapeutic Touch Networks of BCTTNS, PTTN, The TTNO, TTNQ, & ATTN. Each Network has a volunteer representative on the TTNC Board of Directors which is responsible for showing leadership within the Canadian TT community using a consensus model for making decisions.

These core values provide an ethical framework that guides the members of the TTNC Board in their actions and relationships, and in their decision-making processes. This framework includes the over-arching values of respect and inclusivity which are foundational to the values listed in this document.

Collaboration – the TTNC Board promotes the practice and awareness of Therapeutic Touch® (TT) by working together with the Networks on projects that benefit the members of the networks, such as providing guidelines for teaching TT and reciprocity. Collaboration includes representation and participation from the Networks on the Board and on TTNC committees. The TTNC Board strives to facilitate communication using online platforms (Zoom).

Integrity – includes authenticity, trust, honesty, dependability, and loyalty which are the ingredients for healthy working relationships among the Networks and TTNC, as well as the International TT Community. Integrity is necessary for the transparency in discussions and decisions.

Empathy – TTNC recognizes empathy as a quality that is necessary to understand a dissenting point of view without judgment and to treat each other with compassion regardless of our differences.

Accountability – The TTNC Board takes responsibility for their actions and decision making in their endeavours to promote TT and in the competency of the practice of TT through teamwork with the Networks. The Board is committed to being transparent in the ongoing reporting of their finances.

April 26, 2023

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Meet the Board

President:                        Betty Whitney, PTTN

Vice President               Judy Donovan Whitty, ATTN

Secretary:                        Vacant

Treasurer:                       Heather McCurdy, ATTN 902-218-3222

Past President:            Marion Cameron, TTNA

Quebec:                           Caroline Kirby,  TTNQ

Ontario:                          Debbie BrearThe TTNO

Prairie:                            Chery Ann Hoffmeyer,  PTTN

BC:                                     Johanne Roy BCTTNS

Atlantic:                         Judy Donovan Whitty, ATTN

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Inspiring TT Stories

Elder’s Gathering

Therapeutic Touch® with Animals

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Donating and Making a Payment

Donate or make payments online with e-transfer to ttncregister@gmail.com. Or send a cheque made out to Therapeutic Touch Networks of Canada and mail it to the following address: Denise Carriere, TTNC Book keeper, 1606 Searletown Road, Albany, PEI, C0B 1A0

Please specify what the payment is for, e.g.,teacher webinars, other webinars, or dues. 

The Therapeutic Touch® Networks of Canada (TTNC) is grateful for all donations. Online receipts are provided for all donations and payments. TTNC is a not-for-profit-organization so receipts that are issued cannot be used for tax purposes.

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Therapeutic Touch® is a registered trademark in Canada