The following is a list of books specifically on Therapeutic Touch.

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Arrington Reflections on the Art of Therapeutic Touch
Borelli & Heidt Therapeutic Touch: A Book of Readings
Challoner, H. K. The Path of Healing: Finding Your Soul’s Potential
Cowens, Deborah A Gift for Healing: How You Can Use Therapeutic Touch
Gelder and Chesley A Most Unusual Life: Dora Kunz
Hallett A Far Reaching Thing – Tales of Healing with Therapeutic Touch
Hawk, Crystal and Cooke, Alison Be Your own Healer: Self care with Therapeutic Touch®
Kraft, Dean A Touch of Hope
Krieger, Dolores Guide du magnétisme
Krieger, Dolores Therapeutic Touch Inner Workbook
Krieger, Dolores Therapeutic Touch as Transpersonal Healing
Krieger, Dolores Accepting Your Power to Heal: The Personal Practice of Therapeutic Touch
Krieger, Dolores The Therapeutic Touch: How to Use Your Hands to Help or to Heal
Krieger, Dolores Living the Therapeutic Touch: Healing As a Lifestyle
Krieger, Dolores Guide Toucher Thérapeutique
Krieger, Dolores Foundations for Holistic Health Nursing Practices: The Renaissance Nurse
Krieger, Dolores A Healer’s Journey to Intuitive Knowing: The Heart of Therapeutic Touch
Kunz, Dora The Spiritual Dimension of Therapeutic Touch
Kunz, Dora Spiritual Healing
Kunz, Dora van Gelder The Personal Aura
Kunz, Dora van Gelder The Real World of Fairies: A First-Person Account
Kunz, Dora van Gelder Spiritual Aspects of the Healing Arts
LaFortune, Gail Heal to be Free: Therapeutic Touch Healing Stories
Macrae, Janet Therapeutic Touch: A Practical Guide
May, Diane The Therapeutic Touch Handbook: Level One-Basic
May, Diane The Therapeutic Touch Handbook: Level Two-Three
May, Diane The Therapeutic Touch Handbook: Advanced Practice
Rossiter-Thornton Therapeutic Touch(TM): An Introduction for Beginners
Sayre-Adams, Jean Therapeutic Touch
Scheiber, Bela Therapeutic Touch
Wager, Susan Doctors Guide To Therapeutic Touch
West, Andrée Le Toucher Thérapeutique

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