Below is the Extended Health Insurance Benefit letter that can be given to your clients to be given to their Insurance provider, that you can copy and paste to your word processing software.

For your convenience here is a link to the PDF document

Extended Health Insurance Letter


To the Manager of the Human Resources Department:


To the Benefits Review Committee:

Date: ______________________________________

I am currently an employee and also a participating member of our group health insurance plan. I am sending this letter to you with the hope of enhancing our insurance plan benefiting all the members.

Therapeutic Touch® is a holistic, evidence based, non-invasive therapy that stimulates the body’s own healing processes.  It was originally taught to student nurses and in 1975 was an intrinsic part of a Master’s Level course at NYU.  It has been highly researched and is widely accepted in many countries.  In Canada, there are six provincial/regional Therapeutic Touch networks with a national, not-for-profit organization; Therapeutic Touch Network of Canada (TTNC). I am providing you with this information to illustrate it is a very worthwhile therapy that should be considered for coverage under our plan.

I receive Therapeutic Touch therapy as a beneficial and efficient means of addressing my health concerns and maintaining and improving my overall health.

This becomes a twofold issue for the employer and insurance provider. Therapeutic Touch therapy offers both therapeutic and preventative approaches to health care thus offering a cost effective means of helping to reduce ever increasing health care costs. A healthier workforce equates to decreased absenteeism from certain illnesses.

I strongly believe Certified Therapeutic Touch Practitioners should be included as service providers with our insurance company.  They offer a quality, affordable and very beneficial therapy for us.

Thank you for giving this request consideration.



Place of employment:___________________________________________________

Health Benefits Service Provider:__________________________________________




Therapeutic Touch® is a registered trademark in Canada